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Contact with the outside world

All prisoners have the right to receive visits


The visitor needs to provide a form of ID and complete a visit form. The director of the prison grants authorisation to visit.

Visit permits are granted

within several weeks

People eligible to visit

family members

Members of associations are allowed to visit as an exception.

The frequency and length of visits varies depending on the classification of the prisoner:

  • category A: two visitors are permitted each week. Each visit lasts 20 minutes.
  • category B: three visitors are permitted. The duration of the visits “varies depending on the circumstances”.
  • category C: four visitors are permitted. The duration of the visits “varies depending on the circumstances”.

Family visiting units are being tested in some prisons. They only concern minors who are considered to have good behaviour. The unit is where the minor can meet their family for a maximum duration of 3 hours. The development of these units is very limited.

  • Family visits have resumed in most prisons. Hygiene measures must be observed.

    / Twitter de la Délégation Générale à l'Administration Pénitentiaire et à la Réinsertion
  • The prison administration implemented measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. The number of visitors is now limited to one per prisoner and each prisoner is entitled to a maximum of one visit per month.

    >> Prison Insider has been documenting measures taken and events observed during the COVID-19 pandemic, on the basis of the information available.

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Prisoners and visitors can meet without physical barriers


Visits normally take place in a visiting room without barriers. The prison director can decide to use a visiting room with physical separation in case there is an incident, a suspicion, or if requested by the prisoner or visitor.

Visits to sick prisoners can take place in hospital as an exception. (Penitentiary Law, article 76).

Prisoners are allowed to receive visits from their children or minor relatives


Conjugal visits are allowed


Items permitted to be brought into the prison by visitors include clothes and books. At the time of writing the prison authorities do not allow visitors to bring in food.

“Prisoners should be placed, when possible, in prison close to their residence or the residence of their family” (The Moroccan penitatary reference document, DGAPR 2016-2020 strategy, law 41).

Prisoners are allowed to exchange mail

yes, under certain conditions

The amount of mail permitted depends on the classification of the prisoner. The prison director can temporarily ban the exchange of letters between the prisoner and their family, if “the exchange seems likely to jeopardise the rehabilitation of the prisoner or to maintain order in the prison.” (Article 90, Penitentiary law).

Mail exchanged is subject to control


All letters exchanged by prisoners are read, except official sealed letters (see below).

Prisoners are allowed to exchange mail in sealed envelopes


Prisoners are allowed to exchange sealed letters with judicial authorities and lawyers. They can also submit “sealed letters addressed to the Minister of Justice, the director of the prison service, judicial authorities and to administrations authorised to exercise control over prisons” to the prison director.

Prisoners are allowed to receive parcels


E-mail exchange is possible


Prisoners are allowed to make external phone calls


The frequency and duration of phone calls depends on the classification of the prisoner:

  • category A: five minutes of calls per week.
  • category B: ten minutes of calls per week.
  • category C: ten minutes of calls, three times per week.

Prisoners are allowed to call

family members

The phones are located

in the corridors

The cost of phone calls is in line with market prices


Phones calls are wire tapped


Some calls are listened to.

The use of cell phones is authorised


Prisoners have access to video calls with external contacts