prisons and War on drug

17 May 2017. The war conducted by president Rodrigo Duterte on drug trafficking is contributing to the increase in the prison population. The overpopulated prisons have the highest occupation rate in Asia.
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Showing prison with humanity

18 May 2017. "I want to be one of them. Giving voice to those who are deprived of it. Share their violated intimacy"
Janusz Mrozowski has been filming inside prisons for 17 years.
This content is not available in English. Browse the website in French to access it.


Open letter to President-Elect Macron

Pragmatism and prisons

17 May 2017. Prison Insider, through an open letter written by its director Bernard Bolze, questions new French president Macron.
It is currently being translated into English but can be consulted in French and Spanish

The Franklin Masacre survivors

Carlos Hernandez photographed the men who survived Franklin Masacre’s reign over the General Penitentiary of Venezuela.

The dungeon

Children languishing in dark cells. They are victims of alleged arbitrary justice, and they spend years without seeing the inside of a courtroom.


From 2011 to 2014, Grégoire Korganow went inside some 20 corrections facilities and photographed everything he saw: inside the cells, courtyard, visitation booths, showers, solitary confinement block, and more, by day and by night.

Breaking the circle

Minors released from prison have no access to reentry programs. Some go back to the streets and try to survive; others receive support from various organisations.

Prison Stories

The everyday lives of inmates, guards and visitors.

Prisons of Madagascar

Overcrowding, the stench of urine as soon as you cross the threshold, rats and vermin everywhere…” Virginie de Galzain

Story of Earl Reinhardt

While seeking out a subject for a report on aging detainees, Sarah Bones meets Earl, who has spent the past 50 of his 75 years behind bars.

Waiting for justice

Children are incarcerated illegally in the maximum security prison of Pademba, in Sierra Leone. Fernando Moleres shares with us the daily lives of the minors in the Prison of Freetown.


Being deprived of freedom causes extreme distress. The images by Sebastien van Malleghem denounce the archaic and opaque walls which enclose these men and women and their broken lives.

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