Contributor(s)Hungarian Helsinki Committee

The penitentiary system

There are 14 county prisons, holding mostly pre-trial detainees and 15 national or regional prisons for sentenced prisoners. The later includes juvenile facilities. In addition, there are 3 specific institutions for the sick and the disabled (See The sick and the disabled).

Two new prisons exist under a public-private partnership, each holding between 700 and 800 prisoners. Overcrowding in those prisons is lower than other prisons. The National Prison Service employs all prison guards, but a private company provides all management services including maintenance, food, medication and IT.

A special unit was established in 2015 for inmates who committed child sexual abuse.

The Rákospalota Juvenile Reformatory and Special Home for Children plans to build a ‘mother and child’ unit in 2016 for juvenile mothers and their children.