Türkiye: lawyers in danger

When the State uses terror to repress opposition

Approximately 10% of individuals imprisoned in Türkiye are estimated to be political prisoners. They are sentenced by the courts under the Anti-Terror Law 3713 (12 April 1991), in conjunction with the Penal Code. Lawyers are targeted for defending oppressed workers, women, Kurds, the impoverished, revolutionaries and socialists. Among them, the Progressive Lawyers Association (Çağdaş Hukukçular Derneği, ÇHD) has been specifically targeted on several occasions in the past. Many of its members, among other political prisoners, are incarcerated in high-security prisons where they suffer severe social and sensory deprivation. While their rights continue to be violated, local and international actors are carrying out advocacy efforts to put pressure on the authorities and encourage change.

Güçlü Sevimli is a lawyer and member of the Progressive Lawyers Association. Prison Insider asked him three questions.

ÇHD lawyers do not receive special treatment distinct from other prisoners, enduring the same violations of rights.

The government tends to disregard the initiatives and reports of European legal bodies.