Can prisons be changed?

From Spanish-modelled respect modules to dynamic security: examining the challenges, implications, and potential for "normalising" the prison environment

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- “Changing the scale” series (3)

Respect modules are garnering attention in Europe. These Spanish-inspired detention systems aim to empower prisoners and make them more accountable. However, implementing them in other penitentiary systems encounters certain limitations. Dynamic security promotes changing relationships between guards and prisoners. These approaches combine coercive measures and soft power to maintain order.

Valérie Icard holds a PhD in Political Science and is an associate researcher at the Centre for Sociological Research on Law and Penal Institutions (Centre de recherches sociologiques sur le droit et les institutions pénales, CESDIP). She approaches the subject of prisons from different angles, including prison policies, prison sociology and the work of prison staff. Prison Insider asked her three questions.

- Series produced as part of the WISH-EU project, supported by the European Commission.