France: from the pen to the polls

As of 1994, convicted people are no longer stripped of their civil rights. In principle, the majority of prisoners retain their right to vote. However, only 2% of them were able to vote during the last presidential elections. Incarceration prevents many prisoners from exercising this right. The Robin des lois organisation has proposed a plan to fix it. François Korber 1, is the co-founder of the organisation and the leader of this initiative. He agreed to answer Prison Insider’s questions.

  1. Born in Paris in 1952, he used to serve a long sentence. 

We also have “honourable correspondents” behind bars

If we allow voting in prisons, there will be an even stronger presence of the Republic in the prison world, and this will clear a path for reintegration.

Voting, a strong motivator against exclusion. A strong motivator for integration.


Robin des lois


The Robin des lois association defends prisoner’s rights and civil liberties. They are taking steps to prevent juvenile delinquency and repeat offending, and help with reintegration.

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