Canada: "we cannot do anything without the community."

Supporting women who have been in prison as they return to their communities

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Women prisoners encounter more difficulties than their male counterparts when it comes to maintaining ties with family and friends. What kind of problems do these women face? What can be done to help them?

The Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec was founded in 1977. It provides support for women in conflict with the law, and works for the protection of their rights and improvements in their detention conditions. The Society offers a host of programmes specifically designed to meet the specific needs of women: halfway houses, legal services, psychosocial programmes and community art projects.

Ruth Gagnon is the Executive Director and Anne-Céline Genevois is the Programme and Development Coordinator at the Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec (EFSQ). Prison Insider asked them three questions.

- This article is part of the series Outward Bond.

Women are often imprisoned more than 200 km away from their homes.

Prison can often feel like a hiatus. But when prisoners are released, they realise that life on the outside has continued.

The entire community is responsible for reintegrating people. As a society, we still have a long way to go.