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Pre-trial detention is a coercive measure. Its implementation can be challenged in the 30 days following its issue (article 219 of the Criminal Procedure Code). Every three months, the judge reviews the legality of the pre-trial detention. The detainee can, in parallel to this review, request at any time that the judge reexamine his pre-trial detention (article 213 of the Criminal Procedure Code).

  • The Supreme Court of Justice rejected the request (habeas corpus) for the immediate release of Mr. Nuno Vieira Mendes. On 15 May 2018, the Lisbon Court of Appeal had ordered his remand in custody following investigation of the attack on the Sport Club training centre in Alcochete (Setúbal district, Lisbon region). He is also accused of other criminal activities. According to the Supreme Court, the release of Mr. Nuno Vieira Mendes could lead to the continuation of the said activities and disruption of the investigation.

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