Contributor(s)International Prison Observatory - Argentinian Section


  1. The state should acknowledge the crisis that exists throughout the penitentiary system and allow civil organizations access to current information.   

  2. The vacant positions in the penal justice administration should be filled; there are around 165 vacancies.   

  3. The state should create a mechanism for monitoring the Convention against Torture and fill the vacancies in the monitoring bodies, such as the Ombudsman.   

  4. There should be a comprehensive reform of the penitentiary services so that responsibilities are clearly limited to those of a security force. All services for assistance, education, and reintegration should be the responsibilities of the ministries related to those areas. For example, the medical service professionals should report to the Ministry of Health.   

  5. Sentence enforcement should remain entirely in the jurisdiction of a judge. There is a shortfall of 75 sentence enforcement secretaries with a seat in the prisons. The authorization of provisional leave, work leave, probation, or early release should be analyzed by an interdisciplinary team that answers solely to the sentence enforcement judge and whose job security depends on the judiciary.