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Right to vote

Untried prisoners are allowed to vote


Convicted people are allowed to vote


When were inmates granted the right to vote in prison?

1 961

The 1961 constitution states that every untried prisoner preserves his/her right to vote.

Prisoners cast their votes

in prison

Voting is only organized in some establishments, at the discretion of the national electoral commission. In some communities, people who live close to a prison facility can go there to cast their votes.

Voter turnout rate


There are no official datasets about turnout rate, but we know that turnout rate is quite low.

In a designated area of the prison created for the purpose of voting.

Inmates are able to vote in privacy


Prisoners’ movement to their voting units are managed by pavilion sectors.

No specific incidents were reported during the time of vote.

The vote counting takes place at the prison’s polling unit.

Prisoners do not have enough information at their disposal.