In 2015, Renaud Meysonnier set off on a trip from France to Asia. A few months later, at the border between India and Nepal, he was arrested for using counterfeit currency, and sentenced to a year in prison. Incarcerated during the holiday season, he tells us about the most surprising Christmas in his life, the one he spent in Kathmandu prison. ** This is his story.**

And I thought that my Christmas was going to be non-existent this year! I am surprised to find missionaries as far away as this place.

"I also pray to the Buddhist monastery, the Hindu temple, and Jesus is happy! No problem, only one God!"

When the Nepalese who is obviously the cook lights the camp stove, long flames reach up to the crimson-colored beams...

We are all Christians, or like me, from a Christian culture

The presents are given out to each person, but we modestly put them in a corner so as to open them at the end.

Alexei reminds us that he got the food, rented the New Hotel and paid the cooks. We all owe him 450 rupees.