Analysis Inside Outside

Intersection with poverty

Twelve pieces exposing the reality of imprisonment

< image © Bertrand Gaudillère.

Excerpts from the book InsideOutside (5/12)

Prison Insider, represented by Clara Grisot, contributed twelve compositions to the book InsideOutside in order to succinctly articulate the current challenges of prison life. All content pertains to 21st-century prison systems unless otherwise indicated. These twelve pieces serve as windows into major themes including mental health, overcrowding, life sentences, and torture.

Fifth piece: Injustice.

In prison, 70% of the people who are incarcerated consider themselves affected by poverty.

InsideOutside, the book

From 2017 to 2021, photographer Bertrand Gaudillère and Prison Insider engaged in a photographic correspondence with ten prisoners detained worldwide. Graphic designer Yannick Bailly joined them to transform this journey into a book, published by Libel Editions in December 2023. The book is available for purchase for €35. Interested in learning more? Click here to place your order or email us to request the press kit.