Is dynamic security a realistic utopia?

Acting "with", not "on" to decrease violence

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— Series “Changing the scale” (1)

The prison environment is one where violence prevails, and static security measures cannot adequately address it. In response to this, a new way of thinking about safety has emerged, in which interpersonal relationships are fundamental: dynamic security.  

Guillaume Brie is the head of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Applied Research in the Penitentiary Field (Cirap) at the École nationale d’administration pénitentiaire (Enap). In 2021, he co-edited a thematic dossier on dynamic security through the lens of challenges and perspectives for French prisons. Prison Insider asked him three questions.

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Dynamic security has emerged as an alternative in response to perceived control failures.

Dynamic security is a policy that places people's experiences at the heart of public action implementation.

The term "taking care of" gives the impression that there is a superior and an inferior.