Building bridges through education

The need for an educational space for and with prisoners and society

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“Changing the scale” Series (2)

Prisons are conceived and built as security spaces. They cut prisoners off from the outside world and plunge them into a microcosm where there is little room for education. However, more and more alternatives to the traditional prison are emerging, with an emphasis on prisoners’ education.

Sergio Grossi is a researcher at the Center for the Study of Violence at the University of São Paulo. He is conducting an international comparison between the best practices in education, rehabilitation and prison, and considers the potential of education inside and outside prisons. Prison Insider asked him three questions.

This series was produced as part of the WISH-EU project, supported by the European Commission.

We have to put education in a broader, more informal framework and not limit it to just one form.

The difficulty of thinking of prison as an educational space will persist if academia does not generate new ideas and reflections on this subject.