Italy : occupying time, occupying one’s mind

// “A day in prison” series (4)

In prison, days follow one another but are not always identical. The conditions of detention, the rhythm of the days, the possibility of receiving visits, medical treatment, the food, or even access to one’s right to defense, vary considerably from one prison to another, from one country to another. Prison Insider publishes testimonials of people who live or have lived in prison and can share their experience. This series of testimonials, “A day in prison”, puts into words the varying realities of imprisonment around the world.

— in collaboration with Antigone.

Frederico is serving a ten-year sentence in Italy. He recounts for Prison Insider what his days are like in Rome’s Rebibbia prison.

I work as a librarian . The pay is not as good as for other jobs, not even enough for a day's supply of cigarettes. But, for me, I get great satisfaction looking after the books, offering advice, and succeeding in getting others excited about reading.

Everything stops.




Antigone is Prison Insider’s correspondent since November 2015. The organization defends human rights within the Italian penal and penitentiary system. They organize cultural events, publish thorough investigations, offer advice to authories writing normative texts and visit prisons.

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