Haiti: inauguration of the new civil prison for women in Cabaret

Thursday, January 28, Ambassador of the United States in Haiti, Peter F. Mulrean, along with several civil, political, religious and local and of the Minustah, proceeded to the inauguration of the new civilian women’s prison located in Cabaret near Ti Tanyenclose to the road leading to Saut d’Eau on National Road 1.

The new civil prison for women in Cabaret was funded by the United States Department of State through the Bureau of International Narcotics Affairs and Enforcement (BINL) to the tune of US $8 million and work performed by the Haitian firm Panexus. This new penitentiary complex of two-story built on an area of 6,144 m2 can accommodate between 250-300 inmates, or five square meters per detained. The work began in August of 2013 and prison should be fully operational in March 2016.

This prison is equipped with classrooms, cells with toilets, a clinic, four watchtowers, bathrooms, a large cafeteria and a solar electrification system.

These facilities go beyond international standards for the area allocated per detained. The building is self-contained and equipped with solar panels and inverters allowing uninterrupted power supply with its own water supply.

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