France: on camera

Film director Mark Alexandre Montout travelled to Basse-Terre prison in Guadeloupe to film a cookery competition.

Mark Alexandre Montout is a film director from Guadeloupe. He directed the 2016 documentary Karukera, which explores violence in Guadeloupe and identifies its causes. A big hit in the Caribbean, the film has travelled across the oceans. Mark Alexandre Montout has showcased the film in several African countries, desiring to “build bridges between Europe, the Caribbean and Africa.

Last November, he produced Derrière les murs (Behind the Walls), a documentary shot in Basse-Terre prison. The documentary features educational workshops in prison, covering health awareness, disease prevention, addictive behaviours, nutrition, and interpersonal skills. The workshops end with a cooking masterclass. Prison Insider asked the director three questions.

I wanted to highlight the human aspect and avoid sensationalising.

The practitioners do so much, and I think their work isn'tt properly acknowledged.