France: "every time, we had to start over"

Sharing the burden of incarceration

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Franck was incarcerated twice. He spent a few months in pre-trial detention in Fresnes before being let out on electronic monitoring. He was reincarcerated in Fleury-Mérogis following his conviction. Married with two children, today aged 18 and 20, he shares with Prison Insider how he experienced his two stints in prison, the impact they had on his wife and children, and the importance of communication in preserving family ties.

— This testimonial is part of the series Outward Bond.

Maintaining ties is important, but it’s impossible in the early weeks or even months of detention.

I wrote to my loved ones the first few days. It was crucial for me to free them from the weight of the emotions they may have been feeling.

Prison is more difficult for loved ones than for prisoners.

You bear the consequences of the life disruption that prison represents for a long time.