Eric Van Buren is sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States of America. Now he has been detained for a long time, and has experienced many lockdowns during his prison life.

He shares the story of one of them in the Pennsylvanian prison he stays in. It’s a story about deprivation, confinement, solitude, promiscuity, and anxiety.

I think in myself "here we go again. I am frustrated. I am angry. I am distraught.

If so determined, I could be tried for death penalty...

I am sure to lose a valuable thing and a valuable person I communicate with during this lockdown

Anger is usually the only thing that helps you survive during a lockdown

While being naked, the officer tells me to open my mouth; he checks behind my ears, he tells me to lift my genitals.

The "click" that says prepare for the next lockdown. Prepare to deal with the reality of perpetual violence. Prepare for the volatility of everyday prison life.