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The virus has not stopped at prison gates. What measures are taken to guarantee the safety of all prisoners and prison staff? What are the consequences of the pandemic on the living conditions in prisons? Here is an overview.

Translation contributors

  • In English

Nancy Ashton, Alassane Abdoulaye Dia, Anissa Bachan, Julia Danmeri, Amy King, Marguerite McMillan, Desirée Morales Ruiz, Rebecca Neal, Julie Rolland, Aditi Shridhar, Tanya Solari, Victoria Tice

  • In Spanish

Amalia Bonilla, Martha Diaz, Fernando Daniel Ducasse, Ana Gabriela Durán, Guillermo Gerbaudo, Diana Girón, Laura Gómez Vales, Guillermo Granieri, Ana Casado Guzmán, Debora Lip, Eliane Martinez, Lina Moreno, Iciar Sastre Dominguez, Sara Serralvo

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