Canada: close to ordinary violence

Olivia* devotes her time to supporting and standing by one of her close friends, who has been incarcerated for several years.

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Olivia*1 volunteers for Alcoholics Anonymous in prison. She also supports a close schizophrenic friend through his life sentence. She recounts her commitment to her friend, the time spent helping him and trying to understand his illness. She reveals the shortcomings of the penal system as well as the violence perpetrated by prison staff.

— This testimonial is part of the series Outward Bond.

  1. *Names have been changed to ensure anonymity. 

To best support him, I researched schizophrenia extensively.

The cost of phone calls is exorbitant. When James calls his mother for ten minutes, it costs 7 CAD. It's incredibly inflated.

No one understands why I help and love someone who is disabled and incarcerated.