Mexico: Torture feeds corruption

…and corruption feeds torture.

Mexican criminal law is characterised by its fight against organised crime. Each year, thousands of people are sent to prison for crimes related to drugs, some the result of fabricated evidence and media stunts. Many people who have been deprived of their freedom are victims of torture, a practice that has become widespread. Various organisations have exposed corruption in the judicial system, the privatisation of prisons, and an increase in the length of prison sentences.

The Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights was created in 1985 with the aim of remedying this situation. It focuses mainly on advocacy for political prisoners, amnesty laws against torture, and human rights violations.

Prison Insider asked three questions to Doctor Adrián Ramírez López, president of the organisation.

Torture was a fundamental element of this neoliberal model.

Torture cases can be identified through the use of the Istanbul Protocol

With family members, we strongly insist that they report all human rights violations that are committed against them

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