Argentina: human development workshops in Buenos Aires prisons

This September saw the end of the second cycle of workshops on human development in the context of confinement, which has been given by a team of humanists in the prisons of the province of Buenos Aires.

During the last 6 months, 14 online sessions have been held, in which around 3,000 people deprived of liberty have participated. In these workshops, through internal practices, topics such as reconciliation with others and with oneself, overcoming resentment, recognition of injustices, identification of failures or possibilities for the future have been worked on. As we know, these are important issues that need to be studied and understood in order to move forward without fear and overcome internal violence and suffering.

We have also worked on tools such as guided experiences, the request or the experience of peace, techniques that help us to relax the body, calm the mind and quiet the heart and allow us to enter into our inner world.

The initiative has been facilitated by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Government of the Province of Buenos Aires through the Director of Sport and Culture, Claudia Rodriguez. This is a pioneering project, an example of how to contribute with a new approach to improve the situation of people deprived of liberty, in their future projection and ultimately in overcoming social and personal violence, as well as in the possibility of igniting a spark of hope in the prison population.