Ahmad1 left Afghanistan on the 7th of November, 2015. He fled his country, where he was part of a security unit for the Afghan National Army and where he felt unsafe. His journey took him from Afghanistan through Iran and Turkey. He was detained in Greece for one week before continuing his flight to other walls, this time in Italy. For Prison Insider, he spoke about his experience.

Prison Insider published a series of testimonies collected from migrants who spent time in prison before coming to the end of their journey. We are testifying to show that confinement is increasingly the result of migrating routes that entail walls, barriers, detention centers and even prison.

Photography Ben Art Core

  1. Name changed. 

Once again, we had to pay in order to buy our freedom.

It was a harsh detention, without the possibility of communicating with the outside.

I had to stay a whole night in a police cell in Paris.