Brazil: pressed against the bars, waiting for tomorrow

// Series of testimonials “a day in prison” (2)

In prison, days follow one another but are not always identical. The conditions of detention, the rhythm of the days, the possibility of receiving visits, medical treatment, the food, or still the access to the right for the defence, vary considerably from a prison to another one, from a country to the other one. Prison Insider publishes testimonials of people who live or have lived in prison and can share their experience. This series of testimonials “A day in prison” puts into words the varying realities of imprisonment around the world.

Samuel, imprisoned in Brazil, describes a day.

Immediately, the lights come on and the prisoners get up. They place their hands behind their back and lower their heads.

The guard locks the door and we are caged in once again

An inmate presses up against the bars and throws a bundle tied to a string: a kite is passed