Ukraine: “prisons are left on their own”

What are the latest updates?

For the past two months, Ukrainian citizens have been facing Russian attacks. Information about prison is not easily accessible, even less during the war. Prison Insider is seeking to update its information about Ukrainian prisons. An interview took place on 19 April 2022 to better understand the current situation.

Vadym Chovgan is legal advisor at Danish Institute against Torture, Oleg Tsvilyi, director of the Alliance of Ukrainian Unity, and Andriy Didenko, coordinator of programs at the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group. They advocate for a better respect of human rights in Ukraine through their organisations in the field, and monitor prison conditions.

Prisoners of the Mykolaiv pre-trial detention centre were without water for five days

What are the consequences of an escape? From my point of view, prisoners should not be punished if they escape in such a situation