Sudan: Bashir’s regime protest prison conditions

Members of the regime of ousted president Omar Bashir who have been jailed in the Koper Prison in Khartoum since their removal from power in April, are protesting against their prison conditions.

Leaders of the former regime including Ali Osman, Mohammed Taha, and Ahmad Haroun, have called on the prison administration to allow them to have TVs in their rooms and to do physical exercise, according to the Sudanese newspaper Al-Intibaha.

The former leaders objected to being prevented from taking part in prayers because of “security concerns.” They also demanded that they be treated like the former governor of Khartoum, Abdel Rahim Mohammed Hussein, who was allowed a wooden bed in his prison cell because he had back pain. The prison administration also allowed some detainees to have a radio, newspapers and books inside their prison cells, as well as doctors’ visits at their own expense.

Prison regulations allow non political prisoners to wear private clothing rather than a prison uniform, which is the case with Bashir, Ahmad Haroun, Mohamed Hatem and Nafeh Ali Nafie.

The Sudanese military council said that the ousted president would be tried inside Khartoum over all the crimes that the International Criminal Court accuses him off. The military council stressed that no Sudanese citizen should be tried outside Khartoum.

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