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Happy New Year 2017!

This was the wish for many of you: access to the Prison Insider web site is now free, for everyone, for every country!

We will take you on an unusual journey to one of the most disregarded parts of the planet: the land of confinement and its over ten million inhabitants. Given the need for words and images in order to see and understand it – enter Prison Insider, the web site for information, resources and discussion on prisons throughout the world.

We came to the restricted territories of Prison Insider with cheerful dedication and the optimism of utopians. We are now pleased with the site’s progress and announce it to all!

The world is huge and so is our mission. Consequently, all the topics we intend to cover are addressed on our site. Some are still lying in wait. They will gradually come to life as contributions reach us.

Prison is not inevitable; torture and mistreatment are not inevitable. Join us in raising the consciousness of those around you – tell them about us – share a common desire: that of a more fraternal vision of our societies.

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