Narratives of mass incarceration around the globe

A video interview with Dr. Baz Dreisinger, director and producer of Incarceration Nations: A Global Docuseries.

What are the roots of mass incarceration? How are women treated by the justice system? What are the challenges for those coming home after a prison sentence? Dr. Baz Dreisinger addresses these and many other questions in Incarceration Nations: A Global Docuseries.

Dr. Dreisinger is the founder of the Incarceration Nations Network (INN), an international community that works to support, instigate and popularize prison reform efforts around the world. Prison Insider met her in Lyon during a joint screening of the docuseries. We asked her three questions in a video interview.

> Image by Stefano Raimondi

"The women's experiences of incarceration were profoundly similar from one country to another: the similarity of these narratives tells a great tragedy."