The "Impossible Prison" Rolando Arbesún

Prologue by Alvaro Garcé, first Parliamentary Commissioner for the Prison System

Proof of such implosion lies in the historical peak of violent deaths within jail, which places Uruguay's penitentiary system among the most insecure in all South America.


Alvaro Garcé García y Santos

Ex Parliamentary Commissioner for the Prison System of Uruguay

Lawyer, specialized in Human Rights and Criminal Law. He was a journalist, he has been part of first level legal offices in Uruguay and later, he has decided to act as an officially appointed legal advisor. Since the graduate professionally, he works as a university professor in Human Rights, History of Law and Comparative Law. He makes recommendations to the prison authorities in order to adopt measures to promote rights and in order to modify or annul resolutions and practices that may violate the guarantees of persons subjected to criminal proceedings. He regularly informs the Parliament about the state of prisons and proposes general recommendations to improve the penitentiary system.

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