Ireland: two deaths in 10 days at Midlands prison

Suicide is suspected as the cause of death in both instances, but investigations are ongoing. It is highly unusual for two deaths to occur in such a short time span in a single prison.

The first death in the 830-inmate prison occurred sometime between the evening of January 27 and the following morning when the man’s body was discovered in his cell. According to sources in the prison, the deceased was well-regarded by staff and presented no trouble. He was incarcerated after being convicted of a “one punch” offence that left his victim severely injured.

The second death was discovered on the afternoon of Tuesday last. The deceased was in protective custody which involves being locked up in a cell for 23 hours a day. Sources in the prison say he had asked the previous Friday to be put into protective custody because he felt his safety was under threat from a gang in another part of the prison.

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