United States: meeting my hero

Thoughts on good and evil

Alex, an Austrian, has been corresponding for two years with Xandan, a young trans man imprisoned in Texas. Through dozens of letters, Alex has come to know Xandan’s journey, from the death of his parents, his childhood spent in an orphanage, a history of drugs, a crime that he doesn’t recall committing, to his detention conditions at Lane Murray prison. Today, in their testimonials to Prison Insider, Xandan describes his detention conditions, and Alex talks about how they met.

This is a story of friendship between two people from different continents, one deprived of liberty and the other who is free.

Seeing Xandan's picture was like meeting an old friend, a long-lost travelling companion

I've received around 80 letters that gave me a small opening into a punishing world that never forgives

If I want to shower, I can do it

The abuses of power and injustice take place in secret, behind closed doors, and in obscurity.