Spain: first coronavirus death in Madrid prison in and 38 correctional officers test positive for coronavirus

THE prisoner had underlying chronic illnesses and was serving time at the Estremera prison in Madrid. A Latin American woman of 78 years of age has been the first prisoner to die in Spain due to the coronavirus, after she was evacuated on March 20 to the Arganda del Rey Hospital in Madrid. Furthermore, 38 workers at this prison facility have also tested positive for Covid-19.

There are an additional two prisoners who are also hospitalised in Madrid due to the coronavirus.

Another prisoner in the Zaballa Prison in Alava, is the fourth prisoner who has contracted the virus, however, he has already been given the all clear.

A total of 38 workers have been tested positive for the dangerous virus, whilst another 225 are under medical observation or in quarantine, as well as 125 prisoners.