Bangladesh team visits Academy of Prisons

After a 3-day visit, team plans to take back learnings and set up similar academy at home. A team of prison officials from Bangladesh are on a visit to Academy of Prisons and Correctional Administration (APCA) here to learn about the academy and set up a similar one back home.

The nine-member team, headed by Colonel Iqbal Hasan, Additional Inspector General of Prisons, Bangladesh, has been in the Fort city for three days from Monday. The team from the Bangladesh prisons department and Home Ministry includes a Deputy Inspector General of Prisons, jailors and superintendents.

We are here to gather experience from APCA. We are establishing a prison academy at Bangladesh, so we want to gain knowledge and experience from APCA. We are planning for basic training programme, refresher courses, psychological and lifestyle management courses for our prison officers,” Mr. Hasan told reporters on Tuesday.

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