Argentina: not crazy or dead

During Argentina’s military dictatorship, the number of political prisoners in the country reportedly reached almost 10,000. Accounts of their treatment in Coronda prison have been compiled in a book.

Under the military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983, tens of thousands of people were executed or disappeared, and around 10,000 political opponents of the regime were arrested and imprisoned. Sergio Ferrari was one of them. He spent almost three years in the Coronda prison (province of Santa Fe) and now lives in Switzerland, where he works as a journalist. Along with 70 of his fellow former inmates, he has produced a book recounting their experiences Ni locos ni Muertos (Not Crazy or Dead) 1. Twenty years after the book was first published, he has coordinated its translation into French, under the title Ni fous ni morts.
Prison Insider asked him three questions.

  1. Sergio Ferrari is part of the association El Periscopio, which is made up of former inmates of Coronda prison. In 2017, the association filed a civil claim for crimes against humanity committed by two police commanders who ran the prison during the dictatorship. They were each sentenced to 22 years in prison.

We weren’t allowed to talk to each other through the window. Everything was forbidden.

We didn’t know if our imprisonment would last one month, six months, one year or twenty-five years.

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