Marcello dell'Anna (II)

MARCELLO DELL’ANNA has spent most of his life in prison. He was sentenced to ergastolo ostativo (life imprisonment prison without the possibility of parole) when he was 23, when he was one of the leaders of la Sacra Corona Unita (an Italian Mafia based in the Puglia region). Today, he is 49: he is held in the Badu’e Carros à Nuoro prison in Sardinia.

He was willing to enter into an exchange of letters with the Swiss journalist Laurence Bolomey as well as the regular publication of his letters on the Prison Insider website.

Laurence Bolomey writes to Marcello dell'Anna : "I was worried that my letter would not arrive, that it would get held up at the post office… I feel honored and proud to have your trust"

"Thank you for being there for me and for sharing with the world my words, my story, and my life, which is nothing more than an actual and tangible contradiction of an unreasonable single law."