Each month, the photographer Bertrand Gaudillère creates an image or chooses one from his archives. Prison Insider sends it to a dozen participants, prisoners around the world.They are in Argentina, in the United States of America, in France, in Switzerland, in Guatemala, in Ukraine, in Colombia, in Lebanon, in Italy, in Japan, and in Belgium.


Bertrand talks to the participants

They are dancers, and my mission is to take photographs of their performance…I follow their movements, up until the moment when their bodies freeze. Motionless, their bodies touch. It is not an embrace. The bodies outlined on the ground make it look like they are lifeless, but then we can see a hand reaching for another, this rush of life...It is said that the sense of touch is vital for the survival of mankind, as well as that of animals…

Prison Insider invites you to freely express what you feel, when in prison, you look at this image about the sense of touch.