Each month, the photographer Bertrand Gaudillère creates an image or chooses one from his archives. Prison Insider sends it to a dozen participants, prisoners around the world.They are in Argentina, in the United States of America, in France, in Switzerland, in Guatemala, in Ukraine, in Colombia, in Lebanon, in Italy, in Japan, and in Belgium.


Bertrand talks to the participants

"He would like to get on the train, but the police are doing checks on the boarding platform. He is an illegal immigrant on French territory. He is afraid of being arrested, so he stands with a smile looking at the train that could take him to a better future, or maybe he is just gazing at the horizon, seeing only the beauty of the sky that lights up this winter afternoon, in Calais, in northern France…"

Prison Insider invites you to freely express what you feel, when, in prison, you look at this image about the sense of sight.