Prison Insider identifies organisations or people in each country that are defending human rights. Our correspondants include activists, researchers, lawyers and legal practitioners. Each organisation follows Prison Insider editorial policies but retains its identity, name and logo when the information is published.

Our correspondents can request anonymity for security reasons.


Côte d’Ivoire

Frédéric Le Marcis

Frédéric Le Marcis is professor of social anthropology at ENS de Lyon. His research explores health issues in West and Southern Africa and the circulation of global models of care and punishment. He is currently conducting a comparative research project on prisons in Africa.

Congo - Kinshasa

Jeunes Méthodistes ABSL

The Methodist Youth ASBL (in french Jeunes Méthodistes ASBL) is an NGO created in 2007 and based in Uvira, South-Kivu. Its fields of action are civic education, reproductive health and teaching new technologies to young people. Their actions are carried mainly in Uvira and Fizi, cities in which their radio station "Radio Tanganyika Hope of the Opressed" (RTEO) is installed.

Côte d’Ivoire

Ivorian Human Rights Observatory (OIDH in French)

The OIDH was created in 2014. It aims at preventing and reducing the risks of political and social violence. They defend human rights through efficient observation of political and democratic governance and elaborate constructive proposals to the government. The OIDH is Prison Insider’s correspondent since February 2017.


La voix des oubliés

The Voice of the Forgotten (in french La voix des oubliés) has been reporting to Prison Insider since January 2016. The association stands up for the rights of people thought to be innocent, held beyond legal periods or lacking sufficient funds to pay for legal aid.


Les Même droits pour tous (MDT)

The Same Rights for All (in french Les Mêmes droits pour tous) is an NGO that defends human rights in Guinea, providing adult prisoners with free legal aid. The organisation also defends prisoners that have been tortured and delivers training programs to local magistrates.


Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI)

The Foundation for Human Rights Initiative is a Ugandan NGO founded in 1991. It aims to eliminate obstacles to the development of democracy and the enjoyment of the fundamental freedoms enshrined in the Constitution of Uganda and international texts.


Observatoire International des Prisons (OIP) - Section tchadienne

The Chadian branch of the IPW has been reporting to Prison Insider since November 2015. The association fights for the improvement of the conditions in prisons. It operates within Chadian prisons.


Bénédicte Brunet-La Ruche

Bénédicte Brunet-La Ruche has been a doctor of history at Toulouse Jean Jaurès University since 2013, a researcher associated with the FRAMESPA laboratory (UMR 5136) in Toulouse and the CESDIP (Center for Sociological Research on Law and Criminal Institutions, UMR 8183) from Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines. Her research projects are currently focused on the penal process in the wake of and after independence in West Africa.

Burkina Faso

Bouma Fernand Bationo

Bouma Fernand Bationo is a lecturer in Sociology at Ouaga I University Joseph Ki-Zerbo. His work focuses on issues of social vulnerability and access to health care, forms of protection and social insurance, and prison detention environments. He is a member of the Network of Prison and Penal Economies in Africa (ECCOPAF in French) and the LARISS Laboratory.



Observatorio Internacional de Prisiones - Argentina

The Argentinian branch of the International Prison Watch has been reporting to Prison Insider since December 2015. The association fights to ensure the fundamental rights of those deprived of freedom and denounces any infringement of these rights.


Jean-Claude Bernheim

Jean-Claude Bernheim is a Canadian criminologist, a prison specialist. He has been the Prison Insider's correspondent since March 2016.


Equipo Jurídico Pueblos

Legal Team People (in Spanish Equipo Jurídico Pueblo) is a channel of communication with the communities, the academy, the progressive people and, in general, what some have named the Party of the humanity. Their goal is to establisha new approach of the Law, where social justice andthe rights of peoples to self-determination are the priority.


Bureau des droits humains en Haïti (BDHH) - Biwodwamoun

The Office for Human Rights in Haiti (BDHH) - Biwodwamoun is a Haitian organization involved in the defense of human rights as well as training and research on legal and justice issues. Through a specialized law firm, it coordinates legal assistance programs.


Centro de Prevención, Tratamiento y Rehabilitación de las Víctimas de la Tortura y sus Familiares (CPTRT)

The Center for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims and their Families (CPTRT) was created in 1995 to fight, from a comprehensive perspective, against the persistence of torture and cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment in Honduras. Over the years, the CPTRT has worked on comprehensive attention of the consequences of torture and on preventive approaches such as prison programs, displaced or threatened communities, the police system and civil society in general. Progressively, it has gone from being a clinic, in the traditional sense, to contributing through advocacy and research.


Liga Mexicana por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (LIMEDDH)

The Mexican League for the Defense of Human Rights (in spanish Liga Mexicana por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos) has been reporting to Prison Insider since January 2016. The association fights against impunity and the violation of human rights through access to judicial representation and healthcare, as well as the prevention and the denunciation of such violations. It also acts as an intermediary between national and international bodies working in the same field.


Rolando Arbesún Rodriguez

Rolando Arbesún is a prison expert in Uruguay. During his rich professional career, he has worked as researcher and teacher in several countries of the region, as prison warden, and as consultant for the National Rehabilitation Institute. He is an advocate for prisoner's rights. He was also the first director of Punta Rieles, a model prison in Uruguay that offers alternative methods of imprisonment. Rolando Arbesún has been the Prison Insider correspondent since June 2017.



Community Justice Coalition (CJC)

CJC is Prison Insider's correspondent since February 2016. It is an NGO formed in 2009 to advocate for specific reforms in the New South Wales' justice and prison system. CJC strives for an educative and restorative, as well as punitive prison system.


Cambodian League for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights (known by its French acronymLICADHO)

LICADHO is not Prison Insider's correspondant as such. The organisation gave us the authorisation to use all their published material to write the Cambodian country profile. LICADHO is a national human rights organization. Since its establishment in 1992, LICADHO has been at the forefront of efforts to protect civil, political, economic and social rights in Cambodia.


Center for Prisoners' rights

Center for Prisoners' Rights is Prison Insider's correspondent since December 2015. It focuses on improving and protecting human rights in Criminal Detention facilities as well as Immigration and Control facilities in order to comply with the International Standards. Its goal, set in 1995, is to achieve, ultimately, the abolition of death penalty in Japan.


Think Centre

The Think Centre is an independent non-governmental organization in Singapore. It critically examines issues related to political development, democracy, rule of law, human rights and civil society. Think Centre's activities include research, publishing, organizing events and networking. The Think Centre is Prison Insider’s correspondent since April 2017.


Advocacy Forum

Advocacy Forum (AF) is a non-governmental organization promoting the rule of law and upholding international human rights standards in Nepal. Since its establishment in 2001, AF has been advocating for human rights and confronting the culture of impunity. Advocacy Forum is Prison Insider’s correspondent since November 2015.

Europe & Central Asia


Observatoire international des prisons - Belgium

The Belgian branch of the International Prison Watch has been reporting to Prison Insider since November 2015. The organisation monitors the penal conditions of individuals deprived of freedom and alerts to infringements of human rights.


Human Rights Center "Viasna"

Viasna is a non-governmental human rights organization, created in 1996 during mass protest actions of the democratic opposition in the Republic of Belarus. The main goal of Viasna is to contribute to development of the civic society in Belarus, based on respect to human rights. Viasna is Prison Insider’s correspondent since May 2017.


Pavel Sapelko

Mr. Pavel Sapelko is a lawyer known for his commitment to the struggle for human rights in Belarus. He supported the campaign for "defenders of human rights against the death penalty", and participated in the defense of political opponents and political prisoners. Mr. Sapelko is Prison Insider’s correspondent since May 2017.


Civil Society in the Penal System & Turkey's Center for Prison Studies (CISST/TCPS)

Istanbul-based CISST / TCPS was established in 2006. The CISST observes and reports on prison conditions and focuses mainly on prisoners exposed to specific situations (LGBTI, lifers, foreigners, disabled persons, women...). The TCPS, an offshoot of CISST, aims to mobilize the interest of academics and researchers.

Their website
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Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights at the University of Barcelona (OSPDH)

The Observatory of the Penal System and Human Rights (OSPDH) at the University of Barcelona includes teachers, students and professionals who research, teach and observe the criminal justice system. The OSPDH works to defend human rights and liberties and strengthen democratic values.


Fédération des Associations Réflexion Action Prison Et Justice (FARAPEJ)

The Federation of Associations Reflection Action Prison and Justice has been reporting to Prison Insider since January 2016. The Federation brings together French associations, which work at many different points of the criminal justice system, from the trial to leaving prison.


The Human Rights Center (HRIDC)

The Human Rights Center is Prison Insider's correspondent since January 2016. This NGO is dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights, the rule of law and peace in Georgia. It is free of any political or religious affiliation.


The Hungarian Helsinki Committee

The Hungarian Helsinki Committee is Prison Insider's correspondent since December 2015. It is a non-governmental watchdog organization that protects human dignity and the rule of law through legal and public advocacy methods.



Antigone is Prison Insider's correspondent since November 2015. The organization defends human rights within the Italian penal and penitentiary system. They organize cultural events, publish thorough investigations, offer advice to authories writing normative texts and visit prisons.


Norwegian Helsinki Committee

The Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) is Prison Insider's correspondant since September 2015. NHC is an NGO working to ensure that human rights are respected in practice. NHC does this through monitoring, reporting, teaching and democracy support.


The Helsinki Citizen Assembly (APADOR-CH)

The Helsinki Citizen Assembly (APADOR-CH) is Prison Insider's correspondent since October 2015. APADOR-CH is a NGO established in 1990. Its mission is to support citizens' action, protect human rights and organize local and national peacekeeping activities.


Human Rights Information Centre

The Human Rights Information Centre (HRIC) is an Ukrainian organization which provides quality information, support important public initiatives, provide expert support to human rights defenders and the media, and disseminate reliable information. The HRIC is Prison Insider’s correspondent since May 2017.


Ukraine Without Torture

Ukraine without torture was created to unite on the basis of the unity of interests the individuals involved in the implementation of the National Preventive Mechanism (NPM) and support the idea of eliminating torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. It is Prison Insider’s correspondent since June 2017.

North Africa & Middle East


Human Rights and Democracy Media Center "Shams"

SHAMS (Human Rights and Democracy Media Center) is a Palestinian NGO founded in 2003 in Ramallah by a group of academics, professors and human rights activists. It supports and animates the debate on democracy and human rights, with the fundamental values of equality for every human being and the interconnection of all human rights.

Plateforme Palestine

Established in 1993 in the context of the Oslo Accords, the Platform of French NGOs for Palestine aims for the recognition of the rights of Palestinians, in particular that of a sovereign Palestinian State, on the 1967 lines.

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