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The system organisation

Organisation of the penitentiary system

Since 2001 the DGPR has come under the Ministry of Justice. Prior to that it was part of the Ministry of the Interior.

Tunisia is a centralised state. All prisons are run by the central authorities.

There are 27 prisons and 7 rehabilitation centres for young offenders.

Prison law divides prisons into three classes:

  • detention centres for those awaiting trial
  • prisons for those convicted and sentenced
  • semi-open prisons for less serious criminals authorised to do agricultural work.

There are 19 “detention centres” with a locked-door regime. In practice they contain both remanded and convicted prisoners. There are eight “prisons” with regimes varying from isolation for reasons of security to semi-open for long-term offenders reaching the end of their terms.

The seven rehabilitation centres for young offenders have a more open regime.

All institutions are run entirely by the public sector. 1