VIDEO - Honduras: the supermax prison of Morocelí

The Honduran government has decided to implement maximum-security prisons, inspired by the American “supermax” model“, to tackle the phenomenon of violence and corruption that has been deteriorating prisons, and the country in general, for over two decades.

Strict solitary confinement. Cold, metal cells, without windows. Ill treatment, abuse, intimidation. There are three penitentiary facilities of this kind that have been opened in the last two years. The transfers of prisoners to these prisons have multiplied since.

Despite stating that these measures would apply only to the most dangerous prisoners, gang leaders of “Mara Salvatrucha” or “Barrio 18”, real motives seem to be much more arbitrary.

As Honduran authorities persist in advancing along the path of inhuman punishment, more and more voices rise to warn against this wrong turn.

Exclusive testimony published by the organization “Centre for Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture and their Relatives” (CPTRT).

They were not allowed to tell their families they were being transferred

Life in these prisons is harsh. Without being able to receive visits from their loved ones, inmates live in emotional isolation.