United Kingdom : A third of prisons hold at least one transgender inmate, MoJ says

More than a third of prisons in England and Wales hold at least one transgender inmate, official statistics have revealed.

Sexual assaults in women’s prison reignite debate over transgender inmates Read more Data collected between March and May shows 44 of the 124 public and private jails reported they had one or more transgender prisoners. Fifteen jails had one transgender prisoner, 18 had two to four, and 11 had at least five.

The Ministry of Justice report said there were 139 prisoners living in, or presenting in, a gender different from their sex assigned at birth, and who had had a “local transgender case board”, up from 125 last year.

The statistics show 111 of the prisoners reported their legal gender as male, and 23 as female. It was not stated by five. When asked about the gender with which they identified, 114 inmates identified as female and 19 as male. Six did not provide a response. There were 42 transgender prisoners in women’s jails and 97 in men’s jails.

The data was thought to exclude those who had already transitioned and had a full gender recognition certificate.

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