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Reintegration: Prisoners, don’t eat that kind of bread!

And what if the discourse on reintegration was just as indigestible?

Samuel Lourenço Filho spent nine years incarcerated in Brazil. To Samuel, the topic of reintegration is one that is not easy to swallow. On May 2018, he published his stance on the subject on a Brazilian journal website. With permission from the author, we have reproduced, translated and adapted the article.
Point of view.

Eat or die!

Reintegration is a lure that is discharged by our leaders.


Samuel Lourenço Filho

Samuel Lourenço Filho is 31 years old. He spent nine years incarcerated and has been in seven different penitentiary institutions in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). He is currently on parole, and is pursuing a degree in Public Management and Economic and Social Development at the Federal Public University of Rio de Janeiro.

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