New Zealand : inmates at South Auckland prison locked down since Saturday over 'operational situation'

Up to 80 inmates at Wiri prison have been on lock-down since Saturday, 1 NEWS can reveal.
The high security jail is run by Serco, a private British company. Inmates have told families they are frustrated at being locked in their cells since Saturday, without being given an explanation why. They had meals delivered and were able to access showers.

Serco says that while inmates at the Houseblock at Wiri (formally known Kohuora, Auckland South Corrections Facility) were on a “restricted regime”, they weren’t locked up for 24 hours straight. They were also unlocked to attend work, education programmes or scheduled visits. Half the unit was unlocked this morning and then other half unlocked in the afternoon, a spokeswoman said. And they’ll return to a regular routine tomorrow. Both Serco and the Department of Corrections said the restrictions were not related to a stabbing attack on six staff at Paremoremo prison at the weekend.

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