France: poor prisons

The vicious cycle of prison and poverty

Prisons are a milieu of the poor. Economic, cultural, educational and health problems are everywhere. In detention, 70% of prisoners consider themselves affected by poverty, compared to 45% on the outside. Prisoners report having difficulty feeding themselves, obtaining basic necessities, keeping in touch with their family and friends, or even preparing for their reintegration.

Emmaus France and the Catholic Relief Services (le Secours Catholique) published a report (in French) on the relationship between prison and poverty in October 2021. The report concludes with 25 recommendations to “break the vicious prison-poverty cycle.” As a follow-up to the publication of the report, an event (in French) was scheduled 1 for the 17th February 2022, in which Prison Insider participated.

Marion Moulin is in charge of justice and prison questions for Emmaus France. Prison Insider wanted to give her the floor. Three questions to understand the key points.

  1. The event is available for streaming. Register here to receive the link. 

Poverty often leads to racketeering, trafficking and tensions and affects people’s dignity.

Today, prison is a way of managing poverty, away from the public eye.

The law for trust in the judicial system has allowed us to lay the foundations for status for detained workers.