Cuba: Humiliation non-stop

Jacques was arrested in February 2017 by the Cuban justice system. He was immediately incarcerated in a state owned highly secured prison, held incommunicado1 for 48 days, her daughter became fatherless overnight.
Transferred to France in September 2019, he explains that more than 300 foreigners are also being detained in Cuba. He narrates to Prison Insider the conditions of his detention in the state owned highly secured prison (Departamento Técnico de Investigaciones, DTI) and in La Condesa Penitentiary in Mayabeque Province, Cuba.

  1. The incommunicado detention regime deprives the prisoner of contact with his family and relatives. Access to healthcare and rights is extremely limited. This regime is strongly criticised by human rights organisations

The psychological torture is non-stop, the physical torture is constant

In general, the humiliation is constant