Contributor(s)Observatoire ivoirien des droits de l'homme / Frédéric Le Marcis / Prison Insider

Security, order, and discipline

Security functions are fulfilled by

the prison administration

Some prison facilities, units or cells implement high-security measures


Prisoners are classified according to their supposed level of dangerousness

in some cases

Persons convicted of serious crimes and sentenced to life in prison are detained at the prison camp in Bouaké.

Coercive methods used for security are often handcuffs.

The use of such sanctions is left to the discretion of the director of the prison. No judicial review is in place.

Sanctions depend on the prison facilities. They generally consist of the removal of visits, placement in isolation regime.

Prisoners are allowed to be assisted by a lawyer


The prison governor decides if a sanction is imposed.

Prisoners may appeal against disciplinary sanctions


The application of sanctions is left to the discretion of the prison governor. No judicial review measures are provided for.

Solitary confinement can be used as

  • punishment
  • security

Solitary confinement is decided

the prison governor