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Civil society:

  • African Assembly for the Defence of Human Rights (Réunion africaine pour la défense des droits humains) (RADDHO): RADDHO, founded in 1990, promotes respect for human rights and provides legal assistance to victims of human rights violations.

  • The “Y’en à marre (We’ve had enough) Movement”: non-violent protest movement, founded in 2011 by a collective of rappers and journalists.

  • Amnesty International/Senegalese section: the Senegalese section of Amnesty International takes action concerning the issues of torture in detention and arbitrary detention.

  • Senegalese Human Rights League (Ligue sénégalaise des droits de l’homme) (LSDH): the LSDH keeps a watchful eye on the respect for human life and dignity and promotes the full exercise of citizenship.

  • Action by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (Actions des chrétiens pour l’abolition de la torture) (ACAT): ACAT’s Senegalese section takes action on the issue of torture and publishes reports in partnership with FIACAT.


Press articles:


Nils Tavernier, La liberté en prime (Freedom as a bonus), 2015 (only in French)