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India : 41 prisoners from Nashik Jail alone jumped parole in 3 yrs

Mumbai: Parole rules in the state were amended last month following the uproar over convict Sajjad Mughal, sentenced to life for murdering lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha, who jumped parole in April. But data shows in the last three years, 41 people convicted for serious crimes jumped parole from Nashik Jail, the prison where Mughal too was lodged.

According to data from the home department, 771 convicts from Nashik Jail were given parole in the last three years of which 41 people never returned. The jail has the most convicts in the state and the significant number of people jumping parole is an indication of how the rules were being flouted by prisoners with the connivance of jail officials. According to a National Crime Record Bureau report, of the total 10,144 criminals released on parole from different jails across Maharashtra between 2009 and 2014, as many as 1,596 jumped parole.

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